Dear Sirs (Mr Suri; Mr TP Vasanth & Capt Unnikrishnan): 

1. It gives me incalculable pleasure in informing all of you, that my daughter, Anushka Balasubramaniam (Affectionately Anushki), an Ex-Primus student, is one of the THIRTEEN candidates (from over 300 candidates)  that have been selected for permanent placement in Goldman Sachs during their recently concluded Campus Interview.

2.   When my l’le BIG Anushki joined Primus, she was an un-polished diamond-a sweet; cherubic; innocent; distracted; lacking focus, but nonetheless, a very  enthusiastic girl. When she graduated after 2 years from Primus, though she also became sweeter, she had transformed into a well polished diamond-focused; diligent; healthily ambitious; a high achiever & above all a very well balanced; compassionate; affectionate & an awfully effervescent young woman!

3.   Sir’s, the credit for the above transformation goes entirely to the three of you & your principal/teachers/staff for your commitment & indefatigable stamina in affecting this transformation. i shall remain in your eternal debt for all that Primus Public School has done for my daughter. Muchos Gracias!

4.   i can claim with pride today, that Primus Public School has lived-up to the words of Ruskin Bond in letter & spirit, quote-“You don’t educate a man by teaching him what he knew not, but by making him what he was not” unquote.

5.   If there is ever anything i can do for your school, please feel free to call-believe me, the honour & more so, the pleasure of the service shall always remain mine.


6. Wishing you’ll all the very best,
With Warmest Regards,
Vaya Con Dios (Spanish for Go with GOD),
So Long,
Major Bala.

7. Students Name: Vrishank B Utnal (Kindergarten)
Academic Year 2021-22 for Lower Kindergarten, the teachers and the staff at school are very friendly specially for lower kids from the admission stage to till date. As we all know there is no comparison for online and the physical classes for the lower kids as the physical classes teach beyond the curriculum but given this pandemic there is no better option than Online. I would say Online classes at Primus have been great so far, teachers are going beyond their capabilities to make these children interact and learn. The best part about Primus is that Music, Dance, Art & Craft and Physical Education are the integral part of the curriculum and adds an invaluable avenue for children to express themselves. All the teachers at Kindergarten are very friendly and communicative. They encourage every child to learn and also if required provide an additional session before or after the class to help children to match up with the pace of the class. Nevertheless, I would say the team at Primus are going beyond in helping children learn as much as possible through online mode of learning. I would like to ‘Thank’ the entire team at Primus for all the efforts they put, in making this Online Learning mode interesting and interactive.

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